Quick Thoughts on the Minolta Freedom Escort

Usually when I think of the words “Minolta Freedom,” what comes to mind are thrift store bins overflowing with big, generic looking, undesirable point and shoot cameras. When I stumbled upon this one on the shelf beside some old trophies, it made me do a double take. 

So I did some googling while in the store and discovered that this is no ordinary Minolta Freedom model. It shares specs/parts with the Leica Mini and is widely considered to be a Leica Mini clone. This model was also sold as the Minolta Riva Mini and also the Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini. After searching online I realized these are pretty rare so it’s cool to find one.

This camera has a 34mm / 3.5 glass lens so it’s a bit wide but not too wide. It stands out for being crazy sharp. The lcd screen shows the essentials and nothing more. My one complaint with this camera is the same that I have with many from this era: the flash resets itself each time you turn it on so you have to remember to turn it off each time. I’m used to this since I use a Stylus all the time but if you’re new to these models it takes some getting used to.

The shots above were all taken on expired Fujicolor C200. On top of being super sharp, this lens gives great contrast. I’m a fan of vignetting and this one gives just enough without looking too lomo-ish. 

These three shots were taken on Kodak Colorplus 200 film. Personally I think the Fuji C200 goes better with the Freedom Escort but that’s just me. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick review. If you come across one of these at a good price I definitely recommend picking it up. 

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