Photo Journal Entry #2: New Days, New Chances

The last couple of months have been full of changes. My girlfriend Meaghan and I moved out of our rental house into an awesome shotgun-style house that she bought. The rental house was falling apart and served as a great source of stress for both of us the year that we lived there. Moving out of there brought on a great sense of relief and a chance to start over. 

The other major change happened this last week. I decided to leave my full time job at a print shop for a new opportunity that has shaken up my entire concept of work. I’ve always found myself getting stuck in 8-5 jobs and I desperately wanted to taste something different. So I’ve taken a job hanging wall art for a company here in Birmingham. I get to work locally but also travel out of town a couple of times a month. It’s essentially a part time job making almost the same amount of money that I was making at my 40 hour a week job. I’m really looking forward to being able to travel to all sorts of new places and take photos. I’m notorious for not getting out of my state enough. The downside of my new career is that I don’t have insurance anymore so that’s something I have to figure out. There is also a slice of uncertainty that I’m both attracted to and scared of.

So here’s the huge upsides to my new schedule; I get a chance to pursue a lot of the things that I’ve been wanting to do forever but never had the “time” to do. I get to work on getting my Google Certification finished so I can start doing freelance SEO and Digital Marketing work. I get to put myself out there for freelance design work. I get to work on finding and selling cameras and other photo stuff online. The list goes on. So far I’m feeling really good about it and the future looks bright. 

The photos in this post were all taken with an Olympus Infinity Stylus on expired Fujicolor C200 film and Kodak Colorplus 200.

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