Analog Unleaded on Instagram

Instagram is an infinite resource for photographers, especially film shooters. The film community there is great and continues to grow every day. One thing that’s common is feature accounts. I’ve been wanting to create one of these for awhile but couldn’t decide on a theme. There are plenty of general, no theme accounts already so I wanted to come up with something unique. One day I was searching Instagram for an account dedicated to film shots of gas stations. It’s something I love to shoot and I know a lot of other folks do as well. To my surprise one didn’t exist yet. So that’s what I decided on, and Analog Unleaded was born. 

So far the account has been well received. It’s growing at a good, organic pace and the engagement is great. It’s cool having a chance to curate the page and feature other film shooters. I know I get excited when a film account features one of my photos so I’m happy to be able to do that for others. 

My hopes for Analog Unleaded is that it keeps growing and down the line maybe I’ll do some merch; stickers, enamel pins, etc. We’ll see! I designed the logo and I purposefully designed it so it would look good in print.

If you’re on the gram you can follow along at @analog_unleaded and use the hashtag #analogunleaded for your film shots of gas stations!

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